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Tool Repatriation Programme

Opus has vast experience in tool repatriation & an active programme.

Opus has a very active tool repatriation programme. We understand the reasons behind having production or tooling done overseas, but feel that we can do it better here in the UK, both for price and service.

Crude oil, the derivative of most polymers, has the same price all over the world. Therefore when costs are significantly lower overseas, even when automation is almost complete, one has to ask how this can be achieved. Testing polymers for their exact composition is technically hard and in many cases inconclusive. Why take the risk, use a trusted UK company that will play by the rules and will use certfied polymers and provide an excellent service at a surprisingly competitive price.

Bringing tools back to the UK?

If you are thinking of bringing tools back to the UK, or interested in a comparison, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss. Opus has done this many times and will be happy to help with all aspects of the process.