Why Do We Use Injection Molding?

Injection molding in basic terms is a manufacturing process used to produce large volumes of parts for an array of industries. Injection moulding is preferred by many businesses because of its simple, reliable nature but there are various other benefits to the process that prove its efficiency. Here at Opus Plastics, we thought we’d take a look at just some of the many benefits of injection molding and how it could be a great option for your line of work.

Attention to Detail

Injection molds are exposed to extremely high pressures and this means the plastic used in the process is subjected to harder presses than any other manufacturing process. That durability makes it possible for the design of the part in question to be as detailed as required, allowing complex or intricately shaped parts be manufactured through this process. Usually, parts that need this level of identification would need to be created via a bespoke means, which would add at least a few zeros to the price-tag at the end. This makes injection moulding the plastic manufacturing method of choice for many discrepancies whereby variation and personalisation is of utmost importance, such as building and construction.

Use of Multiple Plastics

One of the major concerns addressed by injection molding is the worry about choosing one specific type of plastic for your part. The process accounts for co-injection molding, so you can get the best of various different types of plastics and results in a premium product that is entirely fit for purpose.


In comparison to other methods, injection molding is very quick. Once the molds themselves have been designed as per the customer’s specific requirements and the presses are programmed for the task at hand, it doesn’t take long for the process to complete. This means that more parts can be created from the same single mold and creates a high production output that is preferable for many demanding and fast-paced business environments. Plastic injection molding is both cost-effective and efficient for modern, forward-thinking companies.


One of the most appealing aspects of injection molding is the ability to replicate products that are identical to each other. Business that rely on all-important brand consistency can rest assured that all of their products will look exactly the same thanks to the consistent, reliable way that injection molding works. This means that a large number of high-quality products can be made using parts that make each as good quality as the next.


Many businesses opt for injection molding as a means for producing plastic parts because of the ability to add filler. This reduces the density of the plastic whilst it is molded and adds greater strength to the part once it has been finished. The filler creates a durable and strong finished product the likes of which cannot be manufactured via alternative means.


Plastic injection molding is an automated process, meaning that it doesn’t take much man power to operate. Machines and robotics do all the hard work while usually just one or two operators keep everything in check, controlling the process and managing anything that might come up. The reduced labour force will bring down the overall cost of manufacturing these parts, an overhead that can then be passed on to the customer and keep your products in line with products offered by other brands in an increasingly competitive consumer climate.


Injection molding ensures that you will need minimum work post-production thanks to the high-quality finish that is provided by this process. Parts benefit from a finished appearance after they have been ejected from the molds, reducing the amount of time, work and money required to prepare products for delivery. This is an essential advantage for business that work with a high turnover of products as it creates a smooth transition from creation to delivery, minimising the time for things to go wrong.


Despite all the negative connotations of plastic, injection molding is an environmentally-friendly method of mass production. Any scrap plastic that is generated throughout the process is recycled and re-used, meaning that very little waste occurs as a direct result of the process, if any.

That concludes our list of advantages for the plastic injection molding benefits. We hope you have enjoyed reading about this innovative technology that creates high-quality products on a massive scale. This method of manufacturing creates a huge variety of products for all industries in an efficient, cost-effective manner. If you think you and your business could benefit from plastic injection molding services, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Opus Plastics who will be able to tell you a little more about exactly what we can do for you and perhaps transform the way in which you work in the future.



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